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Honorable African::Akon

Each week I'm going to highlight a Honorable African.
This week I'm focusing the spotlight on Akon who made history on Billboard pop chart history by being the first artist to bump himself out of the #1 spot.
Born Aliaune "Akon" Thiam, Akon is riding off the success of his music career in the hip-hop/rap world. His second record, "Konvicted" has the hits, "I Wanna Love You" featuring Snoop Dogg and "Smack That" featuring Eminem. Akon's a celebrated songwriter, singer and producer---the industry's triple threat. He has worked with tons of artists like One Chance, Chili, Young Jeezy, Gwen Stefani, LL Cool J, Styles P, Eminem and Snoop.
He's cool with Ciara and Rihanna.
Akon & RihannaAkon & Ciara
His earlier hits, "Locked Up" featuring Styles P and "Lonely" propelled him into pop culture. He recently signed TLC's Rozanda "Chili" Thomas to his record label, Kon Live Distribution. Chili's debut record will produced by Akon, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and will have a guest appearance by T-Boz.

Quick facts about Akon:
Akon's latest album, KONVICTED
His full name is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam .
He's a Libra {born 10/14/81}.
He's from Senegal.
Speaks English and French.
son of jazz percussionist Mor Thiam
served time in jail for three years for grand theft auto.

Here are Akon's popular music videos:
Akon from Senegal
"I Wanna Love You"

"Smack That"

"Locked Up"


"Bananza (Belly Dancer)"

"Soul Survivor"
Young Jeezy and Akon


Akon's billboard history:
{Akon has made Billboard pop chart history by being the first artist to bump himself out of the #1 spot. "I Wanna Love You" had no choice but to make room for Akon's collaboration with Eminem "Smack That," which, in another first, has taken over the top position on the brand new Hot RingMasters chart.Akon can also be heard on the title track for Gwen Stefani's new album "The Sweet Escape."} [Source]
Akon's coming to Nigeria with LL Cool J:
Akon's first album, TROUBLE
Akon is also planning a trip to Nigeria according to, "Akon, the African star, from Senegal, who is shinning so brightly on the world music stage returns to Nigeria for his second musical performance. His first appearance here was made possible by Mr. Solomon Arueya's Westside Music.
This second visit to Nigeria is under the auspices of Nigeria Breweries Plc organizers of the annual Star Mega Jam. The last time he was here to perform at the Oceanview garden of Eko Hotel, Akon lost his wrist watch when he went too deep into the crowd in a show of affection and love. However, the wristwatch was alter found; showing that it was not a deliberate attempt to disposess him of a valued personal effect.
For Akon who is always proud of his Senegalese heritage and talks about it openly, Nigeria is also a home of sorts. He is always making a show of displaying the Senegalese flag anywhere he goes. At the last World Cup in Germany where the Mountain Lions of Senegal was one of the teams that represented Africa, Akon was in the Senegalese fans zone cheering his home team on.
His co-traveller on this trip, Ladies Love Cool J is coming to Nigeria for the first time.
If the optimism expressed by the two international music acts coming for this year's edition of Star Mega Jam, LL Cool J and AKON is anything to go by, then this year's edition is bound to rock the Nigerian entertainment scene for a long while.
According to LL Cool J, he is looking forward to being in Nigeria for the 2006 Star Mega Jam. "I'm hoping to see a lot of girls because the Ladies Love Cool J. I promise a phenomenal show and I look forward to the shows in Lagos and Benin City."
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