Monday, November 13, 2006

Reminisice Artwork

Yoruba art work
Nigerian artwork has been in existence for the past 2000 years. Each time I visted the local museums in the city I am amazed by the amount of diligence, time, effort and detail given to wooden artwork drew up by our Nigerian ancestors. Naijia woodart is a popular form to advertise or show off in your living room. {ie. The Cosby Show and Girlfriends all have woodart displayed in their living rooms.} Here's the pick of the day from the Yorubas...
I discovered this Yoruba mask art work from "Remnants of Ritual" which has a collection of African art. {see today's artwork above}
"Masks known as Gelede are utilized by the Efe/Gelede Association among the western Yoruba. This society honors "the mothers" in relation to female ancestors and deities. An interesting duality exists, however, in that Gelede is also an anti-witchcraft society and, at the same time, is thought to have close affiliations to witchcraft itself. Here, the power of the mother in her role of birthing and life-giving is contrasted with the concept of the power of elderly women and witchcraft, thus giving and taking life, health or illness. This particular mask, carved from one piece of wood, may represent a young woman, bringing her goods to marketplace."

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