Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Is 2Face Africa's next Jay-Z?!?!

Winner of 2005 MTV Europe Best African act stops by to show us he is a Bobo too.

2Face stated that his new album will be dropping soon as well as a record label and a clothing line. Now thats definitely Bobos style just like Diddy and Jay Z, who is also in town with his girlfriend Beyonce.

Let me know know what you think about this video clip.
In related news check out 2Face's music video, "Nfana Ibaga" {No Problem}
the beat's catchy. Hope to hear MORE from him in the future...
Okay "Right Here" is a better song than "African Queen"


Miss Chi Chi said...

Ahhhhhh he needs to break out over here in America!

Miss Chi Chi said...

I thought I'll see him at this past year's Naija independence parade.