Monday, November 13, 2006

Get to Know Miss Chi Chi

Simply me, Miss Chi Chi
I just realized I haven't really introduced myself to you all since my first post. "Self-proclaimed celeb entertainment news junkie" is how I described myself these days. I am a award-nominated entertainment news journalist. {I use to write for my college's paper as their entertainment news editor for four years.} I decided to share my love for celebrity entertainment news into a blog. I plan on expaning this blog into an lucrative and daily online celeb news magazine. Drawing upon that and also my experience working in the video promotions department of Interscope A&M Geffen I launched my first blog, Platform Launch Action in July 2006. When I attended the Nigerian Independence Parade this past October I decided to launch my second blog, Feels Good 2 B Home, which caters to Nigerian lifestyle and culture. Earlier this month I launched my third (and hopefully final) blog, Throwback Terrace which hightlights then and now music videos. Prior to my blogging days I graduated from college with a BA/MA in Corporate Communications this past May---a huge accomplishment of mine's. Blogging is something I look forwad to do daily and I love the good (and bad) feedback I've been getting ever since. I'm proud of my Nigerian heritage and I had to share it with each person who ever visited my blog.
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Frequent Q&A's
Why are you called Miss Chi Chi?
Miss Chi Chi is a name that drew upon as inspiration from Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Diddy and Eminem. These artists all have a hip and sassy nickname I figured why not called myself, the nickname my grandfather calls me "Chi Chi" but then I realized "Chi Chi" is looks sort of plain so I added "Miss" to the front of Chi Chi to give a more feminine appeal.
Why is your blog called "Feels Good 2 B Home?"
The name of this blog came to me while I was listening to Kanye West's song, "Touch the Sky" one day on the radio. I'm kept nodding my head when Kanye echoed, "Feels Good 2 B Home, huh?" over and over again. I said to myself in that particular moment, "that's PERFECT! I'll call my new blog, "Feels Good 2 B Home." Feels Good 2 B Home covers my Nigerian heritage which is something quite big that I feel needs its own blog to cover. {}
How can I become a link on your blogroll?
It's quite simple. I added those who covers similar topics or simply blogs that I feel is entertaining. You can e-mail me at to link exchange.
Why have two other blogs?
PlatformLaunchAction is my first daily blog which covers celeb entertainment news, gossip, films, fashion, hot spots and much more. Throwback Terrace is something fresh covering then and now music videos at the reader's discretion! {} Since Platform Launch Action focuses primarily on celebrity entertainment news I didn't want my readers to get confused...content wised.

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