Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yet Another Plane Crash in Nigeria

Naijas reacting to this news report
My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost a loved one on that deadly plane crash.
"Around 100 people including the head of Nigeria's Muslims, two senators and a governor have died in a plane crash at Abuja airport. The 737 belonging to ADC - a popular local airline -dived into a field two kilometres from the runway shortly after takeoff. 105 people were on board. No more than five people survived.The plane was headed for the city of Sokoto in the north of the country. There was bad weather as the plane tried to take off. The victims included the spiritual head of Nigeria's Muslims, Sultan Maccido, who was also the most senior traditional ruler of northern Nigeria.His son, a senator, also died along with the deputy governor of Sokoto state and at least one other senator. This is the fourth major air crash in Nigeria in just over a year. It comes a month before the country's aviation industry is due to undergo an audit."
{Thanks to King Nono!}


juiicySCOOP said...

Ohhh this is sad. I can't stand to hear about plane crashes. I pray for the victims and their families.

Miss Chi Chi said...

Girl I was so worried because the day of the flight crash was the SAME day my Aunt was flying back into Nigeria too. Luckily she wasn't on that flight.